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I began playing clarinet at the late age of 15. I sat and passed an LTCL on clarinet about 20 months later. Piano remained my first instrument for some time, however playing the clarinet started to take up more of my time. I studied with Anton Radaich in Auckland and Frank Gurr in Wellington - later with Philip Miechel in Melbourne. During this time, while I was completing my Masters degree in composition at Auckland University, I was appointed Principal Clarinet in the Symphonia of Auckland, the professional orchestra in Auckland which after several name changes is now called the Auckland Philharmonia. I remained there for about 6 years, recording for Radio New Zealand and performing numerous recitals.
I virtually stopped playing in 1989 until I began to practise seriously again in 2000.

After 18 months of scales and tone development, I felt able to perform again and played several recitals in 2002 as well as my first performances again as a concerto soloist, performing Weber's Concerto in F Minor. In 2003, I performed the Tartini Concertino for the NZ Institute of Registered Music Teachers Conference, Mozart's Symphonia Concertante with the OPUS chamber Orchestra and the Mozart Concerto with the Bach Cantata Orchestra. Since then I have performed several concertos with orchestras around New Zealand. In 2004 I was awarded a scholarship to Trinity College, London, where I studied clarinet with Michael Whight and Hale Hambleton. Since my return to New Zealand I have performed mostly in chamber music and recitals.

Here is a photo taken during a performance of the Concerto by Mozart. It was a wet and stormy day, but we were in a large marquee and had a good audience - the worst of the storm appeared to hold off until we finished playing. Mozart plus lightning - a great way to go :)

Mozart Concerto 2004

Concerto Repertoire: (these are concertos that I have actually performed in a concert situation).

Mozart Concerto
Nielsen Concerto
Weber Concertos 1 and 2, Concertino
Tartini Concertino
Adams Concerto
Krommer Concerto
Finzi Concerto
Stamitz Various concerti


I have recently started to play recitals in association with Matteo Napoli - a Naxos recording artist from Italy - now living in Auckland. This photo was taken during one of these recitals.

Here is part of the Verdi-Bassi Fantasia from the Opera Rigoletto, performed in 2013 on my newly purchased Germanic style instruments. You will find some earlier recordings at the bottom of this page.

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I am a founding member of Eklekktika, which is group dedicated to the performance of wind chamber Music. We held our first recitals in 2003 and in 2004 received a Creative New Zealand grant to perform. In February 2006, with the support of the Tauranga Performing Arts Trust, we performed the Mozart Gran Partita, K.361 as part of the Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival, repeated again in 2007, owing to public demand. In February 2008, we performed a concert "EkleKKtika at the Colosseum" including accompanying soprano Anna Cors in three arias and performing two of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi - Summer and Autumn - all arranged by myself. The programme was completed with the Wendt arrangements for Wind Octet of Mozart's Cosi fan Tutte. In February 2009, we performed the great Krommer Partita, Op.57 and my own arrangement of the Handel "Watermusic".

Latterly Eklekktika has been true to its name, presenting world-class artists performing great music in different venues around the North Island - a series early in 2010 with Simone Roggen and Petya Mihneva performing the Stravinsky and Milhaud Trios for Violin, Clarinet and piano and Mozart Divertimenti performed on basset horns were highlights of 2010. In 2011, Eklekktika presented a series with Tom Pierard and Ya-Ting Liou of the Beethoven "Septet" Trio and Brahms Trio. In 2015 we performed a reed quintet arrangement of the Chopin F Minor Piano Concerto with soloist - and Naxos recording artist - Matteo Napoli. In 2016, we are arranging to continue this collaboration with the Mozart D Minor Piano Concerto.

Here is a photo of one of our performances of the Handel Water Music, taken in the Piazza at the Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival.

Eklekktika Feb 2009

Click on the play button to listen to the Eklekktika performance of two movements of the Handel Watermusic, recorded on the same night as the photo above. I am not playing there - if you did not already notice - I arranged the music for this performance.

Click on the play buttons below to hear extracts from other live performances of mine.

Tartini Concertino (movement 2). I was the conductor and soloist in this performance, given with the Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra

This is the second movement from a performance in 2006 of the Clarinet Concerto by Mozart - part of the celebration of the 250th year of his birth.

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Clarinet Teaching

I have taught clarinet since I was 17 and became an Associate of the New Zealand Institute of Registered Music Teachers in 2003. Several of my past students are now professional players in Auckland and overseas. I also take masterclasses on clarinet and woodwind performance, both within New Zealand and overseas.

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If you are unable to use the link, my email address is david.adlam@ihug.co.nz