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Composition was the major subject in my University Masters Degree. I studied at Auckland University with Dr Douglas Mews, completing this degree in 1976. By the time I was completing this postgraduate degree, I was already Principal Clarinet in the Symphonia of Auckland - the professional orchestra in Auckland at that time. After some years as Principal Clarinet there I started to work in the classroom. While I was teaching it was difficult to find time to compose. Since leaving the classroom, I have become more involved in composition work - both as a composition tutor and also as a composer and arranger

Several of my past students have continued on to be prominent composers.

In 2004 I studied with Errollyn Wallen and Deirdre Gribbin at Trinity in London. Since coming back from my study at Trinity, I have had regular performances of my works - both in New Zealand and overseas and lectured Stage 3 Composition at Vision College in Hamilton. I also arrange music - in particular for Eklekktika, the wind chamber ensemble. I have made octet arrangements of two of the Vivaldi "Four Seasons", the Handel "Watermusic" plus several arias, pieces for trios, quartets and reed quintet arrangements. Schools often approach me to make arrangements for their varied ensembles.

Click on the play button to hear part of a performance of "Bridge to Nowhere", which was written while I was studying at Trinity College in 2004 and performed in 2005.

Click on the play button to hear "Ballade Mouvement" - for Flute and orchestra. This was premiered on 16 August, 2008, in Tauranga with soloist Anita Macdonald playing Flute, accompanied by the TPAT Bay Classic Soloists.


List of works:
Oboe Concertino - for solo oboe and strings
Symphonia -
Written for the Epsom Girls Grammar School Symphonia
Songs for Strings -
three movements for String orchestra
- an overture for chamber Orchestra
Gyroscope - Solo piano (written for the Hamilton Competitions Society)
Cellotron Chip - A work for solo (electric) cello and Strings (written for the Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra)
Ballade Mouvement - for flute and chamber orchestra
Touch of Lightness - for chamber Orchestra (commissioned by the Tauranga Performing Arts Trust)
Paper Tiger - for Bass clarinet and piano
Pastorale Roulante - for Wind Trio
Walkin' Twos - Duet in three movements for clarinet/bass clarinet and trumpet/flugelhorn
Weighting - three songs for Baritone, Bassoon and piano


This is not a complete list of works. Please contact me if you are interested in performing any of my works - or if you would like me to commission a work for yourself or your ensemble

I am happy to arrange music for groups from beginner level through to professional performers

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If you are unable to use the link, my email address is david.adlam@ihug.co.nz