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I first started to conduct groups in 1976, at first working mostly with Symphonic or Concert Bands. I was lucky to work with some very fine conductors in my early studies - Juan Matteucci, Sir William Southgate, Dobbs Franks to name a few.

David and Ash

By 1982 I was conducting both the Auckland Youth Symphonic Band (Now called the Auckland Wind Orchestra - with its younger sibling group now being called the Auckland Youth Symphonic Band) and the Auckland Concert Band. Later I moved on to more Orchestral work and currently conduct regional Orchestras in the North Island on a regular basis.

David conducting TPAT, August 2008

In 2004, while studying on scholarship at Trinity College London, I was fortunate to work with Jonathan Tilbrook (head of Post-graduate studies) as a conductor. It was very rewarding indeed to watch and learn from such a fine musician. Since returning from London at the end of 2004, I have been conducting about 6 or 7 programmes a year - in August 2007 I finally conducted Beethoven's wonderful 3rd Symphony - the "Eroica". Only his ninth symphony to conduct and I will have conducted all the Beethoven Symphonies in New Zealand! A highlight in 2008 was an outdoor concert in Hamilton with more than 8,000.

sunset Symphony 2008

Here is a recording of part of the third movement of J.S. Bach Suite #4, which I conducted in May 2007, performed by the Bay Classic Soloists. (Photo below)

David conducting TPAT orchestra, May 2007

Here is another performance from this group - Haydn Symphony No 85 (La Poule) recorded in August 2008.

The Critic said:

" A performance full of character" (Waikato Times, August 2008)


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